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A mobile app easy to setup for your event, which includes the classic features of an event-driven app (news, ranking, biographies, video/photo galleries) but also very specific functionalities  such as live 3D map and advanced alerting capabilities.

Follow the race on the web and mobile: trajectories, weather, rankings, statistics, all you need to understand the action and stay informed!

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Unity WebGL Player | LiveSailing

Unity WebGL Player | LiveSailing


Use Left Click to move around the boat

Use Left Click to move around the boat

Mobile. Track your boat races in the pocket.

A range of classic pages/sections

News, ranking biographies, video and picture galleries are managed via an intuitive interface for manuel updates, and automated feed easy to setup.

Embedded live cartography

LiveSailing Mobile includes a live 3D map of your race and provides a wide range of functionalities such as ranking per class, detailed info on every skipper and more.

Fully customizable notifications

A fully customizable notification system allows the end user to decides which competitor he wants to follow, as well as the frequency of notifications (i.e. every hour / when ranking changes / when speed falls, …).

On the Route du Rhum

The Route de Rhum 2014 App was ranked first amongst sport related app in November 2014 and was positioned in the top 5 overall free apps, with more than 160000 downloads.