BeTomorrow and TracTrac joined forces in 2015 to offer turn-key solutions to their clients on a worldwide base.  BeTomorrow is also the distributor of TracTrac solutions in France and Switzerland.

Live sailing races

TracTrac was founded in 2005 by elite athletes or coaches who have developed solutions with a strong passion for showing sport to the world and delivering the excitement, understanding and key moments of sports that are otherwise hard to follow.

With more than 16.000 events managed, TracTrac became the leader on the market of tracking of outdoor sport events.

Different formulas

TracTrac Club

Is an annual licence which include permanent availability of trackers, and the possibility to track as many events as you wish.  TracTrac devices and software can be utilized for race, training sessions or simply for safety measures.

TracTrac Event

Allows you to rent trackers and 2D rendering software, for a live coverage of your event.