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Distance between boats, strategies of the skippers, explanations of the weather conditions : thanks to ultrarealistic 3D HD graphics, generated by LiveSailing, you are able to describe and explain what the human eye cannot see while skippers are offshore, in real time.

Live broadcast

Our solution supports any type of race in real time.  From a challenge between two boats to a mass regatta gathering more than 500 participants, LiveSailing allows 3D graphic broadcast on TV, giant screens, YouTube or any other supports

A complete set of virtual cameras to show all the action

The director controls a wide set of virtual camera that he can place anywhere on the race area, to explain the action in the best possible conditions

Show what the human eye can not see: a complete set of tools to explain the race

Display of the wind strength and direction, laylines, distances between boats, speed, live ranking, replay of key moments.  These features, and many more, are included in LiveSailing

Fast and easy broadcast

Straightforward integration within event organiser setup

Thanks to our experience of more than 12 years on the biggest sailing events, we have developed a straightforward solution which is easy to handle in any technical environment. Our Software suite can be managed on site or remotely, by your operator after a few hours of training, or by one of ours.

3D HD modelization

Boats and venues are modeled with the highest level of detail. 
Thanks to our 12 + years of activity, our library already includes dozens of boats and venues.

Create replays of all key moments

LiveSailing Inshore is the ideal tool to analyse a key moment and explain it to your audience, or to emphasize the strategy of any given competitor. Our interface is intuitive and quick, allowing you to generate as many sequences as you wish.

Promotion of your partners and sponsors

Every boat can be branded individually to bring additional visibility to your sponsors or partners.

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